Patty's Playhouse

Patty's Playhouse

9 Episodes

Join Patty From HR and her puppet pals on a whimsical journey through the perils of adulthood, featuring song and dance and a whole lot of mistakes.

Patty's Playhouse
  • Patty's Playhouse - Revenge

    Episode 8

    Episode 8: Revenge

    Lies, Betrayal, MURDER! In the explosive season finale, a blast from the past puts Patty From HR on the warpath. But will her quest for vengeance save the day or sink the ship?! Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode 8: Revenge!

    Starring Patty From HR, Cassie Grilley, Kevin Si...

  • Patty's Playhouse - Intolerance!

    Episode 7

    When her lactose intolerance causes a rift in the Playhouse, Patty From HR learns to confront intolerance in herself and others. But can she finally stand up to her arch-nemesis, voiced by special guest star HEKLINA?! Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode 7: Intolerance!

    Starring Patty From HR, ...

  • Patty's Playhouse - Jealousy

    Episode 6

    "Episode 6: Jealousy

    Patty From HR goes green with envy when she learns that a childhood friend is more successful than her. But will she spiral down a dark road of jealous rage, or will she fake it til she makes it? Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode 6: Jealousy!

    Starring Patty From HR, Cas...

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  • Patty's Playhouse - Transition

    Episode 5

    Patty From HR learns the power of pronouns when a close friend transitions. But when she discovers her celebrity crush is a TERF, will Patty have the courage to kick her crush to the curb?! Or will she require more Unpaid Emotional Labor from her mail-horse?! Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode...

  • Patty's Playhouse - The Toxic Friend

    Episode 4

    The Toxic Friend
    Patty From HR reconnects with a long-lost friend. But when the relationship proves to be toxic, will Patty fight gaslighting with fire... or will she get #burned?! Featuring the voice talents of drag royalty Latrice Royale!

    Starring Patty From HR, Madeline Lambie, Cassie Grilley...

  • Patty's Playhouse - Influencers

    Episode 3

    Patty From HR falls under the spell of an influencer and decides to become one herself. But can she live her #BestLife and take the perfect selfie at the same time?! Find out in Patty's Playhouse Episode 3: Under the Influence! Follow for follow, DM for details, link in bio!

    Written & Directed b...

  • Patty's Playhouse - Identity Theft

    Episode 2

    Patty From HR takes on identity theft when she falls for a common internet scam… but will her new identity be more problematic than her old one? And will she ever learn to trust again?! Find out in Patty's Playhouse Episode 2: Identity Theft!

    Written & Directed by Michael Phillis
    Music by Angel ...

  • Patty's Playhouse - The Pilot

    Episode 1

    In her pilot episode, Patty From HR settles into her new Playhouse and meets a diverse array of everyday objects with attitude.

    Written & Directed by Michael Phillis
    Music by Angel Adedokun
    Puppets by Fontaine Cole
    Starring Patty From HR, Cassie Grilley, Kevin Singer, Stephanie Prentice, and s...