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D'Arcy Drollinger sorts through this week's trash! A weekly review of pop culture, news, gossip, social media, cats doing stuff, and more!

Hot Trash
  • Hot Trash Ep 36: The Great Crate Challenge

    Episode 36

    D'Arcy Drollinger takes out this week's Trash! Tune in while D'Arcy dishes the dirt about OnlyFans, Tumblr, JustForFans, Hurricane Ida, Joel Osteen, Afghanistan Exodus, George W Bush, Mike Richards, Andrew Cuomo, Anti-Maskers, Anti-Vaxxers, Ivermectin, Shit & Champagne, Nirvana baby, Abba's new m...

  • Hot Trash Ep 35: Gold Medals and Muppet Babies

    Episode 35

    Watch D'Arcy Drollinger sort out this week's trash! It's all about the Olympics in this week's episode. D'Arcy dishes all the Hot Trash gossip on Tokyo Olympics controversies, Coronavirus, Sha'carri Richardson, Simone Biles, Kerri Strugg, DaBaby, Lil Nas X, Capitol Police, Montana Man, Rand Paul,...

  • Hot Trash Episode 34: Live in Person!

    Episode 34

    D’Arcy takes out the trash in front of a captive audience! This episode dishes the dirt about Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk, Phylicia Rashad, Meghan McCain, Lizzo, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, updates in the #FreeBritney movement, Hunter Biden’s artwork, Emmy nominations, NY subway tunn...

  • Hot Trash Ep 33: Britney's Mic Drop

    Episode 32

    Join D'Arcy as he takes out this week's trash! D'Arcy dishes the dirt about All Things Britney, more Marjorie Taylor Greene trash, Rudy Giuliani, Carl Nassib, Sha'carri Richardson, the Keystone Pipeline, NXIVM, the Tour de France crash, and more!

  • Hot Trash Episode 32: Hot Gay Pride Trash!

    Episode 32

    In this episode of Hot trash D’Arcy dishes the dirt on Gay Pride, Trumps pants, Cher’s elephant, Nina West, Britney Spears, cats, rainbows and missing nails.

  • Hot Trash 31: Break-Ups, Shake-Ups, and Make-Ups!

    Episode 31

    D'Arcy dishes about JLo, Celebrity breakups, Ricky Schroder, Erika Jane, Matthew Perry, Lisa Vanderpump, Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato, Sinead O'Connor, Ben Platt, Rick Santorum, and much much more!

  • Hot Trash Episode 30: Total Recall

    Episode 30

    D'Arcy talks about Gavin Newsom, Caitlyn Jenner, Chesa Boudin, Elon Musk, Will Smith, Chrissy Teigen, Ben Affleck, Matthew Perry, The Spice Girls, The Cock Destroyers, and More!

  • Hot Trash Episode 29: Froyo Faux Pas

    Episode 29

    D'Arcy dishes deep! Demi Lovato, Caitlyn Jenner, Johnson & Johnson, JLo and ARod, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Oscars, and More!

  • Hot Trash Episode 28: What a Pickle!

    Episode 28

    This week is Hot Trash Heaven with D'arcy Drollinger! GOP Drama, Major League Baseball, Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osbourne, Khloe Kardashian, Kesha, Caitlin Jenner, Chris Meloni's Cakes, and Internet Snaxx with Snaxx!

  • Hot Trash Episode 27: Cinnamon Shrimp

    Episode 27

    Hot D'Arcy is back with all the TRASH! There's Shrimp Scandals, Georgia drama (Boo!), Sidney Powell, Shrimp, Lil Nas X, Botched Botox Lady, The Talk, Cargo Ships, Faith Hill, More Shrimp, Tina Turner, and More!

  • Hot Trash Episode 26: It's a Go-Go Extravaganza!

    Episode 26

    It's a Go-Go Extravaganza!

    Hot and steamy here comes episode 26!
    D’Arcy updates everyone on current political drama, Angelina and Brad‘s custody battle, Johnny Depp, Mrs. Doubtfire, Britney Spears, Jaden Smith and Tyler The Creator, and the Twitter war between Cardi B and Candace Owens, all topp...

  • Hot Trash Episode 25: Wet Ass Grammys

    Episode 25

    A whole quarter of trash! Happy Episode 25! D'Arcy Drollinger dishes the dirt more royal drama, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, JLo and ARod, anal swabs in China, The Grammys, and even a St Patrick's Day Smackdown!

    Hot Trash premieres on Oasis TV every week on Mondays at 7pm. Hot Trash is include...

  • Hot Trash Episode 24: Celeb Di*k Pics!

    Episode 24

    Gaga’s dognapping, Celebrity dick pics and all the Royal T takeover Episode 24. Featuring Lady Gaga, Oprah, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, David Boreanaz, Jonathan Bennett, CPAC disaster and so much more...

  • Hot Trash: The (Not So) Original Series Soundtrack, Volume 1

    Our official soundtrack for Seasons 1 & 2 of the webseries “Hot Trash!” With this “Double LP” set, we have carefully curated the Trashies’ most ridiculous shenanigans to bring you the utmost in listening (and watching) pleasure. Featuring D’Arcy’s skewering of celebrities, social media trends, po...

  • Hot Trash Episode 23: Ted Cruz's Cancun Driver's License

    Episode 23

    Anyone else obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo's song "Drivers License"? In our 23rd episode, D'Arcy Drollinger dishes the dirt about Ted Cruz and his Mexico getaway, Texas, Green New Deal, Kim & Kanye’s divorce, Rush Limbaugh, I Care a Lot, Joss Whedon, Sherry Pie, Britney updates, and much, much, more!

  • Hot Trash Episode 22: Nach-Oh-Hell-No!

    Episode 22

    In our 22nd episode, D'Arcy Drollinger dishes the dirt about white lady nachos, the impeachment trial, Britney-Gate, Joss Whedon, Gucci & Target fashion, Justin Timberlake, James Charles, North Kardashian, Ariana Grande's engagement ring, Claudia Conway on American Idol, and much, much more!

  • Hot Trash Episode 21: #FreeBritney

    Episode 21

    She's legal! Im our 21st episode, D'Arcy Drollinger dishes the dirt about "new" MyPillow Guy David Hogg, Gabrielle Carteris, Trump, The SuperSpreader SuperBowl, Pete Buttigieg, "Framing Britney Spears", Marilyn Manson, Vanderpump Rules, Lil Uzi, Suzanne Somers, and much, much more!

  • Hot Trash Episode 20: ChromaticOreos

    Episode 20

    Good Gaga Oreos! It's our 20th episode! D'Arcy Drollinger dishes the dirt about Wall Street, GameStop, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, Mary-Kate Olsen’s zoom divorce, Kellyanne Vs Claudia Conway, Internet Snacks with Snaxx, Fran Lebowitz, Shonda Rimes, Snoop Dogg’s wine, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Clori...

  • Hot Trash Episode 19: Let's Get Loud

    Episode 19

    Let's get loud! D'Arcy Drollinger sorts through all last week's trash! Episode 19 dishes the dirt about the Inauguration, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Bernie memes, Chrissy Teigen, The Village People, Seth Rogen vs Ted Cruz, Gwenyth Paltrow's vagina scented candle, Kylie Jenner's wa...

  • Hot Trash Episode 18: An Arm and A Leg for Armie Hammer

    Episode 18

    So trashy! D'Arcy Drollinger sorts through all last week's trash! Episode 18 dishes the dirt about Azealia Banks, Armie Hammer, Jared and Ivanka's bathrooms, Claudia Conway, Sex and the City reboot, #BussitChallenge, WandaVision, Jamie Lynn Spears, Elon Musk, more Britney dancing, Chuck Schumer, ...

  • Hot Trash Episode 17: Pence's Fly (For a White Guy)

    Episode 17

    We're back baby! D'Arcy Drollinger sorts through all this week's trash! Episode 17 dishes the dirt about the Capitol Insurrection, Trump, Twitter, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Pence's fly, Parler, The View, Liberty McCain, Xena vs Hercules, Kim and Kanye, @GaysOverCovid, Pixar's Soul, Brid...