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  • Patty's Playhouse - Revenge

    Episode 8: Revenge

    Lies, Betrayal, MURDER! In the explosive season finale, a blast from the past puts Patty From HR on the warpath. But will her quest for vengeance save the day or sink the ship?! Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode 8: Revenge!

    Starring Patty From HR, Cassie Grilley, Kevin Si...

  • NEON GOTHIC UNICORN Tonight @ 7pm

    Join trixxie carr streaming from the NEON GOTHIC UNICORN for an extremely unique manifestation of music appreciation...This show is meant for the passengers aboard the NGU space cruise, but is now finally being streamed back to Earth.0 as well! Preparing to party, trixxie revisits her favorite al...

  • Drag QVC 5/16 @ 5pm

    Think 90's Susanne Somers - with bigger jewelry. You'll be able to watch, shop, and call in all from the comfort of your couch. Tune in this Sunday at 5pm for all the shenanigans!

  • The Beat with Lisa Frankenstein

    Whether you are a seasoned drag performer, or just considering getting into face for the first time, it's time to check out THE BEAT. Get to know new makeup styles and see what works for you.

    This week's artist is the sparkly and spooky LISA FRANKENSTEIN! Lisa Frankenstein is the Rainbow Nightma...

  • Minority Korner - Upset & White - Ep. 297

    We continue our discussions and dive into the rise in violence towards the AAPI community- with Guest Co-Host Teressa Attridge but first. Did Raven-Symoné see that both the third Zenon and Cheetah Girls movies were not going to be good- so she didn’t return? Just who is Sheryl Sandberg? No seriou...

  • Hunks & Housewives Episode 3: Militia Scunt & the Shahmazing Scandals of 2021!

    Get ready to be SHAHMAZED! In our third episode, your host & Housewife Whisperer Pablo takes off his clothes as he takes ON Housewife scandals ripped from recent headlines. Baloney go-go hunks shake their jelly to a Housewife hit and our favorite Friend-Of Jason serves the hot fresh recaps. But c...

  • Good Drag - Oh My Goddess! - 5/21 @ 8pm

    Glamamore presents: Good Drag - Oh My Goddess!
    Hosted by Glamamore and D'Arcy Drollinger
    D'Arcy Drollinger
    Hollywood Texas
    Alota Boutté
    Mary Vice
    Kipper Snacks
    Landa Lakes
    The livestreamed drag show begins at 8pm. No subscription required! watch.sfoasis.com

  • Pump and Thrust, Episode 4

    The Boys of BALONEY have partnered with OasisTV to bring you PUMP & THRUST, a new series recreating the late-nite repressed homosexual workout ads of the 80s that made you gay! Join us every-other Thursday for a hot new workout video focusing on a new muscle group with an all-new Baloney Boy. Be ...

  • Soft Copy - "The Anal Cult"

    Lady D reads excerpts from classic romance and erotic fiction. Warning: explicit language.

  • Hot Trash Episode 29: Froyo Faux Pas

    D'Arcy dishes deep! Demi Lovato, Caitlyn Jenner, Johnson & Johnson, JLo and ARod, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Oscars, and More!

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer LIVE!: Once More with Feeling - 5/23 @ 7pm

    Dust off your wooden stake, get your garlic and holy water…it’s vampire season! Ok, it's not really - but we're excited to celebrate Halloween in May! We're releasing our archived stage production of Buffy the Vampire Slayer LIVE: Once More with Feeling.

    Originally on the Oasis Stage in 2019, e...

  • Patty's Playhouse - Intolerance!

    When her lactose intolerance causes a rift in the Playhouse, Patty From HR learns to confront intolerance in herself and others. But can she finally stand up to her arch-nemesis, voiced by special guest star HEKLINA?! Find out in Patty’s Playhouse Episode 7: Intolerance!

    Starring Patty From HR, ...